Friday, July 29, 2011

the coolest kids on the block.

people always ask me, "what is it like growing up as a quadruplet?" i answer the same way every time, "it's my normal." in fact, until i was about six years old, i thought everyone was supposed to have four babies. i can't imagine not being one of four. i also couldn't imagine elizabeth, sarah, and will not being the other three fourths.


i only have one brother, and i think he is pretty cool. even though will grew up with all sisters, he did not let that stop him. we had countless adventures growing up. we went mud-riding, swimming in the creek, exploring in the woods, and we climbed on top of barns...then jumped off. oh, and there was that one time he dressed me up in his catcher's equipment and practiced his fast balls. it has been truly amazing to watch God transform will from a boy into a man. will, even though we are complete opposites, i couldn't imagine having anyone else for a brother.


when we were born, the doctors thought elizabeth and i were identical twins. it didn't take long for them to figure out we weren't. honestly, sometimes i wish we were because she is absolutely beautiful. besides her striking features, elizabeth has one of the biggest, most beautiful hearts of anyone i know. people are naturally drawn to her kindness and warmth. lizzy, you are the oldest and i am the youngest. even though you are only older than me by two minutes, i admire you more than you will ever know.


sarah and i are so different. but we are more alike than either of us would ever admit. growing up, sarah marched to the beat of her own drummer. it was a beat that everyone wanted to follow, but we couldn't. because sarah is one of a kind. sarah has always been so loyal, and there is no doubt that she always has my back. it's really hard to describe, but sarah just gets me and i her. sarah, i have loved watching God grow you. i can't wait to see how he continues to use you.


anna lee, you were four months shy of three years old when your world was completely rocked. you never skipped a beat and transitioned into your role as big sister with such grace and maturity, even at such a young age. it was truly amazing to watch you take on the role of a wife and now the role of a mother.

happy 21st birthday to the coolest people i know.

now, a trip down memory lane...

when we were little, we used to hide in my mom and dad's shower. my mom would open the curtain and we would all scream. pretty. darn. cute.

popsicles on a hot summer day. elizabeth changing things up with grape.

child proof cap? nothing for elizabeth haynes. this girl opened the bottle, and the four of us ate the entire bottle. poison control and ipecac were involved.

our first birthday.

our christmas play at church. sarah and i were angles, will a wise man, and elizabeth...a donkey. making the family proud.

call alfa. fo real.

at the beach. i love everything about this picture.