Wednesday, October 5, 2011


in fourth grade i had a life-changing experience. in my past four school pictures, my glasses showed the glare of the camera flash. pretty embarrassing don't you think? when i got to fourth grade, i realized that i was now mature and was capable of making the right decision. this decision was obvious: get my picture made without my glasses on. brilliant. genius. why hadn't i thought of this before? needless to say i was super pumped to get this school picture back. when my teacher passed mine out one thought ran through my mind, lazy eye!! how was i just now figuring this out? you see, i'm blind and have been wearing glasses since i was eleven months old and never saw myself without my glasses...until that fateful day in fourth grade. i asked my mom, "why didn't you ever tell me i had a lazy eye?" her reply, "oh honey, it was never really that obvious." mom, i love you but here is a little proof...

my lazy eye has since settled down. however, she sometimes decides to act up, and i have to put her in her place. i'm serious, i blink my eyes, shake my head back and forth, and give a little tap to my right eye. works like a charm.

"i praise you, for i am fearfully and wonderfully made. wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well." psalm 139:14

and yes, that cookie monster cupcake was the bomb.

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  1. oh sweetie, this made me laugh only because I understand. My sweet Jack has amblyopia. So often when his eye decides to act up, he can just shake his head and make it go back.

    thanks for sharing this and giving me a little laugh tonight ;)